List of people/NPCs

Tegal’s Mark

Anna Daleson – 7 year old girl. Daughter of Arthur Daleson
Lord Arthur Daleson – 40 year old man. Rich shipping magnate
Keylan – 25 year old man. Head man at the Daleson household

Dominic Colten – 32 year old man. Regent of Tegal’s Mark until Edward VonTass comes of age
Edward VonTass – 8 year old boy. Rightful Regent of Tegal’s Mark when he comes of age
Vincent VonTass – Deceased. Former Regent of Tegal’s Mark
Tobal Mackenn – 40 year old man. Captain of the Guard of Tegal’s Mark

Xavier Dontar – 62 year old man. High Sword of the Abbey of the Just Heroes

Vio Landeric – 35 year old man. Captain of the trading galley Aria’s Grace

Dale’s Crossing

Voltare Alaric – 28 year old man. Former Regent of Dale’s Crossing

Donald Jameson – Dwarf male of indeterminate age. Lawyer handling the PC’s deed problems.


Ston Emmadel – 47 year old man. Former Regent of Hilltown

Steela’s Blessing

Ivy Krystol – 25 year old halfling female. Regent of Steela’s Blessing

Sembia’s Gate

Orianny Channa – 73 year old halfling female. Former Regent of Sembia’s Gate


Bria Hammerfell – 38 year old female. Former Regent of Arthanis
Stephen Terrin – 22 year old male. Scribe of Arthane


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