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  • Places

    The list of places encountered. [[Bloodstone Keep]]

  • Bloodstone Keep

    A tall rectangular keep, built with blood red stones by some long ago crazy despot, located in Sembia inbetween the Archwood and the foothills of the mountains. It is about 3 stories tall, with the northeastern tower crumbling a little. Parents in the …

  • Dale's Crossing

    Largest city in Tassledale. Located next to the Ashara Bridge across the Dale Road from Frieburg and Freedale. Main hub of trade and commerce of Tassledale.

  • Hilltown

    City located about a day's ride along Tegal's March in the Dun Hills. Heavily into mining, due to the high numbers of iron, silver, and precious stone mines in the area. It is a smallish city, with a very tight knit circle of people living there.

  • Sheela's Blessing

    Large agricultural city in the center of Tassledale. Most of the farmers and ranchers in the dale come here to trade, resupply, and send their goods off to Dale's Crossing to be sold all over the Dalelands.

  • Sembia's Gate

    Medium sized city on the border with Sembia. Highly influenced by Sembia and the customs of that strange land. The city has a vaguely Arabian/Egyptian/Morrocan feel to it, with bustling loud marketplaces and white stone buildings. Commerce is king here …

  • Arthanis

    A small city in the Southeastern corner of Tassledale. Thought to be one of the oldest continuously lived settlements in Tassledale. It has earned a bit of a reputation from the rest of the dale of being a backwards little town that was once great. …