Dark Tidings from Bloodstone Keep

Session 2

Fighting off the assassination attempt on Dominic Colten, the players hurt and chase off the assailant and his cohorts. Slipping into a bolthole, Dominic escaped, while the players chased down the assassins. Knocking out 3 mooks, the PCs tracked the assassin

Session 1
March 30, 2012

So, the kobolds dragged an unconscious Snooki into a clearing where you jumped them, pretty successfully… except for one case of failed Fort saves on the part of the alchemist. Following a trail of spilt grain and kobold footprints, the party found the kobold raider’s cave, and wandered in. Narrowly avoiding a swinging log trap, the party quickly cleared the first room of kobolds, leaving one to almost escape. Cleaning that mess up with a quick explosion, the party slowly advanced into the final room of the kobold’s cave. Inside, was a kobold chieftain (Lvl 3 barbarian), 3 lieutenants (Lvl 1 fighters), and unbeknownst to our brave adventurers, 2 hidden kobold sneakers (lvl 1 rogues). The kobold chieftain starts on this long prepared speech, which would have been intimidating if a) anyone understood draconic and b) he didn’t sound like a really pissed off chipmunk.

Not being outdone, Snookie fired a pair of arrows before the chieftain finished his speech. The kobolds scattered, taking the little Anna as a hostage. A long drawn out fight ensued, where noone could hit anyone with anything, and poor d20s ruled the day.

Eventually, Anna was saved, loot was gathered (3 cure serious wounds pots, 4k gold, ring of prot +1, headband of cha +2), and the ride back to Tegal’s Mark was uneventful. Upon getting to the city, you were directed to Lord Arthur Daleson’s estate, and he rewarded them with 2k gold and an introduction to the Regent of Tassledale.

The next day, as you were being introduced to Regent Dominic, the Regent was attacked by a man in a black cloak and a bow who screamed “Death to the False Regent! Hail to the rightful ruler of Tassledale!”

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